Fuel Your Inner Athlete

Packed with more than 4 grams of protein per serving. Great tasting, easy to make, pure Oatmeal products that are Allergen friendly.

The Rocket Difference

Top 5 Ways We Help Your Inner Athelete

Feel The Burn

Slow digesting, staves off hunger!

Lean Up

Reduce Cholesteral

Fiber Rich

Cleans toxins, fights cancer!


Building blocks for healthy muscle, hair & better skin.

Other Great Stuff

Helps regulates insulin levels, reduces body fat, promotes better sleep cycles

Our Products

Pure Oatmeal

Made with pure ingredients that are great for you.
Redberry Blues

Finely sweetened with pure cane sugar, this delicious oatmeal cup is loaded with cranberries and blueberries and Pure Oats.

Granny’s Apple Pie

That mouth-watering apple flavour that Granny made famous, using a combination of cinnamon, apples, cane sugar and Pure Oats.

Apple Berry Jazz

This oatmeal cup will really float your oats. Featuring apples, blueberries and cinnamon with the added texture of sunflower seeds.


Made with What’s Good For You

The Purest Oats

RocketFoods uses only Pure Oats that are certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

Micro-Dried Fruits

We micro-dry our Apples, Cranberries and Blueberries so they stay rich in nutritional values and taste amazing.

Sweetened the Right Way

No fancy sugers here. We use dehydrated organic sugercane juices to sweeten our products.

Rocket Roasted Coffee

Sourced from the best growers worldwide. Precision Roasted

Gigante, Colombia

Sweet aromas of tropical fruit, cane sugar and milk chocolate.


Vizcaya, Guatemala

Sweet dark chocolate, with notes of peach and pleasing citrus acidity.

Made with What’s Good For You

Rocket Foods focuses our sourcing efforts on a select few countries that we feel can offer consistent quality, desirable flavour profiles and solid relationships.

We’ve found in our travels sourcing coffees that the largest impact to improving the livelihood of coffee producing communities is simple. Pay a fair price. This ensures higher quality, more diligent picking, processing and storage.

As a coffee drinker, you can be sure that the coffees you purchase from Rocket Foods, is sourced ethically, from producers who care as much as we do about the quality in your cup.


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Our Story

It started over a simple cup of coffee in 2012. Our founder Jas Singh, suffering from just about every known food allergy, realized he was missing something – a tasty snack that he could enjoy without triggering another allergic reaction.

A short time later, the idea of an innovative new food company was launched. Rocket Foods Inc. took flight, adapting some of Jas’ favourite personal recipes to create the delicious products that Rocket Foods offers today.

Today, Rocket Foods’ product formulations continue to evolve and be influenced by its users with active lifestyles, looking for quality nutrition, convenience and taste.

"Rocket Foods reflects my personal commitment to providing great tasting, nutritious and delicious food products that are allergen-free. I hope you will enjoy our products and I invite you to provide any comments and suggestions you might have at our Contact Us page and to join the Rocket Revolution!"

Jas Singh

Founder of Rocket Foods

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You choose your favorite flavors and when you want them–we’ll handle the rest. You’ll get 3 oatmeal pouches, 12 to-go cups and 1 coffee bag each month.

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